Breakfast for Busy Women – Why It’s Important Not to Skip

The alarm goes off and you are rushing around preparing for a busy day ahead, whether you have children to get ready for school, or papers to read for a morning meeting, by the time you’ve watched the news, brushed your teeth and sorted your make-up, you are already exhausted – sound familiar? It’s no…

Affirmations to shift your mindset

The average person will have almost 30,000 thoughts in one day. Most of these thoughts are fleeting or uncontrolled. However, whether we recognize this or not, some of these thoughts affect our mental health, the way we live, and the decisions we make on a daily basis. Taking control of our thought life will result…

How to Feel Good Naked |SELF CONFIDENCE

Unconditional love means seeing the flaws and choosing acceptance and progress. In order to feel your best naked and to truly connect to your body, changing your attitude will be much more influential than changing what you see in the mirror. When you change the way you look at things, the things around you change….

Top 5 Tips for Holistic Living | Healthy Living

Many misconceptions are out there regarding holistic lifestyles. It’s assumed to be very crunchy, anti-vax, homeschooling, organic food and lots of yoga. Embodying a holistic lifestyle is not just about eating organic food and practicing yoga, it’s a lifestyle where you actively look to remove anything that’s toxic from your life. I’m a trained and certified…

Holistic Anti-Aging Tips | Start Now!

Around the age of 25, we our bodies begin changing because we start losing collagen and elastin no longer replenish it naturally. We start feeling the effects before seeing them. Aches, pains, skin issues, hair loss, GI issues etc. Mentally we begin to decline as well, unless you are in a habit of mindful activities….