Meal Planning Tips

Meal planning can be a challenge with a busy schedule, or if you’re becoming inspired and just don’t know where to begin. The key is to start somewhere. Routines are hard to form and harder to break!

Start by making a list of your favorite foods/sides. Broccoli, asparagus, brown rice, green beans, carrots, celery, sugar daddies, chicken, macaroni, steak etc. and then pair them.

I suggest pairing your side dishes with chicken, mainly for its health benefits (cancer protection, brain health, heart health, thyroid health, energy booster, weight loss) *Chicken is lower in fat and calories than other meats, while also being higher in protein.*

Another fantastic pair are fish, lemon and steamed spinach; an excellent source of lean protein (but has a strong oder, so be mindful of when and where to bring these meals!)

Back to chicken: how do you like your chicken? Plain, teriyaki, garlic, balsamic? Cook to your liking by using a few of your favorite flavors! (Keep it exciting for your taste buds) Then pair with your favorite side dishes.

Have your meals pre-arranged for added ease to your lifestyle.

I cook all my chicken at once, with different seasoning, bag it up, and have it ready to serve/pack into Tupperware for when I’m on the go. I find this method incredibly easy.

Write it all out: Food plans for Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner. Monday through Saturday. If you’re on target, give yourself a cheat day Suday! We plan and meet tasks, appointments, meetings, deadlines….take control of what you’re supplying to your body too. “Your body is your temple” take care.

For more recipes use the category search.


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