Fitness Focus: The Squatter, by Neila Rey

The Squatter

Round 1- 40 Squats / 20 Mountain Climbers
Round 2- 60 Squats / 20 Planks w Rotation
Round 3- 40 Squats / 10 Push-ups

3 rounds, up to 60 sec rest

This is a fantastic routine I try to incorporate at least 2x per week.

Tip For Squats: Remember to plant your feet, allow your knees to follow feet, and keep your back straight!


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  1. lorrydagr8 says:

    This is a gr8 idea. I started a challenge yesterday that involves abs, I may incorporate this in our leg routine for next week. Please feel free to join!. It’s the first challenge I have posted for my blog and i’m trying to get it up and going. Thanks for the post and have a good night.


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