10 Training Tips for Athletes

A few things to keep in mind (10, to be exact):

1. Match your Abilities and Interests. You have to enjoy your training program in order to stick with it. Find a workout plan that caters towards your goals.

2. Simplify. Training is largely about consistency and focus. If keeping track of your heart rates, charts and graphs- simplify your training to hard and easy or long and short. Enjoy your workouts and listen to your body.

3. Avoid Overtraining. Allowing your body to rest is as important as building strength and endurance. You’ll build fitness by alternating workouts with recovery.

4. Variation. Alternate/vary your workouts, pace, and intensity to enjoy a well-rounded fitness routine that is less likely to result in burn-out or plateaus. Alternate training intensity and time from day to day.

5. Be Flexible. If you have to miss a training day, don’t worry, just continue on your training plan. It’s the consistency of your training, rather than one particular workout that is important.

6. Set Realistic Goals. Find a balance between what you want and what you’re able to do.

7. Be Patient. It takes time and consistency to build fitness and performance, so avoid falling into the more is always better mindset. You’ll only end up injured, or frustrated.

8. Be Consistent. Avoid falling victim to the weekend warrior syndrome: working out long and hard only on the weekends and doing nothing for during the week. It’s important to do your workouts on a regular basis, several days a week. Injuries are much more common for those who are inconsistent with their exercise.

9. Nutrition is Critical. Eating well and hydrating goes a long way to improve your ability to exercise and train. If you are on a regular exercise routine, it’s a good time reassess your current eating habits and become more educated on nutrition.

10. Use Proper Equipment. No matter what exercise routine or sport you do, you need to make sure your equipment and footwear fits properly. Learn more about sports injury prevention.


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  1. Caryl Anne says:

    These are great tips of advice! One other thing to keep in mind might be to hire a personal trainer. Personally, these individuals help to keep you motivated and dedicated, which will help you reach your goals. Thanks for sharing!


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