An Easy Guide to Shopping Clean

You have made a significant decision to change your current dismal nutrition into Clean Eating. It’s beginning to get you excited, very excited! You will discover a new slim physique, an abundance of health, improved health…things you may have never experienced before.
You can hardly wait to get started, but when you open your cupboards you are faced with the evidence of your previous bad habits. Time for spring-cleaning. You’ll have to make room for the exceptional fat-burning clean foods you will be eating from now on.

So to be honest and ruthless:

Toss It All!

Create a menu for the entire week using recipes you like/wish to from that list only.
Eat before you go. It is a proven fact you will overbuy and purchase foods you wouldn’t ordinarily when shopping on an empty stomach.
Shop solo. You can get in and get out quickly and no one will bug you for a candy bar at the checkout.
Stick to your list. Don’t be tempted to buy extras just because they look interesting or are on sale.
Look for and avoid hidden sugars including corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, glucose, gluco-fructose, honey, molasses, maple syrup, maltose, sucrose and artificial sweeteners. Nutrition labels list them all!
Read labels. The nutrition label will also list total grams of fat per serving along with amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. Watch for and avoid palm and palm kernel oil, shortening, butter, chocolate, milk chocolate, cocoa butter, egg and egg yolk solids, lard, tallow, suet, whole-milk solids, glycerol esters, and mono- or diglycerides. None of these are Clean-Eating options.
Avoid man-made trans fats and saturated fats at all cost! According to Lee Labrada, author of The Lean Body Promise, trans fats “are the worst artery-clogging, cancer-causing substance you can put into your body.” He’s right!
Always look for the highest fiber content products, especially in breads and cereals.
Be aware of “health” foods posing as healthy foods. These products can contain more hidden evils than the original.

Produce Tip: Choose a variety of produce colors–choose a rainbow of colors

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet


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  1. Brian says:

    Great tips for those breaking into nutritional grocery shopping– the best part is that once you become comfortable sticking to these tips, they become second nature. Thanks for sharing.

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