The Buzz on Honey Bees and Sustainability

DIG    A     little    DEEPER

Did you know honey bees help pollinate some of our most nutritious foods–fruits, nuts, and the seeds of vegetables? Yet in recent years there’s been growing concern that honeybee health is declining worldwide. Experts from beekeeper organizations, nonprofits, agricultural organizations, government agencies and others are working together to find solutions–because without honeybees, farmers can’t grow the food needed for a growing population.

Food for thought:

Beehives typically house

10,000 to 100,000

honeybees! Amazingly, it’s one

Queen Honey Bee who oversees

everything! Worker honeybees do the

pollinating, honey making, and keeping

the hive clean and productive.


Honey bees pollinate an estimated


of crops. Butterflies, hummingbirds and moths

are also among the list of pollinators.

Honeybees account for about


of all pollination.

What you can do to help keep honey bees buzzing and thriving:

 Since honey bees get their nourishment from nectar and pollen, you can help keep them well-fed by planting a diverse variety of flowers and plants in your own garden. Choose foliage that is native to your region, and–if possible–blooms all year.

honey bee faves

Honey bees will love this! DIY feature by George Dame

 〉 Provide honey bees a clean, year-round source of water. It might be a rainwater collection system or small-scale garden water feature. Shallow water sources can provide enough hydration to give honey bees plenty to drink.

Support any sort of natural habitat conservation measures, such as land trusts and plantings on highway easements. They’ll help keep the plants thriving–and honey bees buzzing!

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