Your New Mommy Style

As a mom, it’s so easy to fall into that trap of yoga pants and unwashed hair. After all, any outfit you put together is likely to end up covered in puke or poop. Why bother? Because you are a person as well as a mama. And putting on a clean top – even if it stays that way for 5 minutes – or some cute earrings will remind you of that important fact. Embrace your new mommy style!

Invest in good nursing bras


Because nothing kills your mojo like nursing bras that look like…nursing bras! My favorites are by Elle Macpherson – they are so beautiful, you’d never know they’re for nursing! Avoid underwire, which may interfere with your milk production.

Embrace your pregnancy jeans for a little while longer


It’s really okay! Every body bounces back differently after pregnancy, and you need to be patient with yourself. This is why you invested in those hot maternity jeans in the first place – so you wouldn’t hate having to wear them for a while.



These are one of my favorites. I wear them constantly because they’re the easiest way to dress up your basic jeans outfit and make sure you have an extra layer on hand in case it gets cold or your baby throws up on you.

As soon as you do get back into jeans – break out the heels


Put on a cute top, blow out your hair, throw on a little makeup, call a babysitter, and go on a date. Because yes, you’re a mom now, but you’re still you.

Think boots and ballet flats


Platforms aren’t really the right move once you’re balancing a baby, and even wedges can be precarious when you’re lugging diaper bags or chasing after little ones. You want flat, comfy shoes – but that doesn’t mean you never get out of your sneakers. I love Roger Vivier, Tory Burch, and Toms flats because they’re comfortable and adorable; J.Crew and Kate Spade also make great options. If you do go for a heel, pick something chunky and stacked for support.

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