Your Shortcut to Personal Style

Ready to embrace your best-dressed self? Simply follow these suggestions!

Pick Your Inspiration

There is one style weapon everyone in the fashion industry uses and swears by: the mood board. While they have entire walls of these ever-changing collages, you don’t need to dedicate so much space. A bulletin works just fine, or you can create a Pinterest board and keep it virtual.

  • Use anything you like: runway looks, red carpet shots, street style photos, album covers, ad campaigns, personal mementos, product shots from your favorite stores – everything is fair game
  • Add with abandon: you don’t need to understand why you’re picking things, just go with your gut – if you like it, pin it.
  • Embrace randomness: your board is all about tapping into your inner desires. It doesn’t need to go together or have a theme – in fact, it shouldn’t!


So what does it all mean? Sometimes it’s easy to see patterns: if you’re pulling lots of fringed suede boots, emellished tunics and caftans, and old photos of Janis Joplin and Anita Pallenberg, you’re clearly drawn to a bohemian look. Is your board full of crisp button-up blouses, vintage photos of Lauren Hutton, and lots of chic suits? You like all-American classics. Most people are more of a mishmash, though – and that’s wonderful too.

Don’t be afraid to mix together the things you love. You might be drawn to the ladylike look of the 1950s and also adore Kate Moss’ dangerously cool style. Though very different on the suface, all it means is that you like to give your girly silhouettes a little edge and should style your full-skirted dresses with some model-off-duty staples, like a cropped leather jacket and super pointy stilettos.


Find Your Body Double


Not every trend is ideal for every body type – it’s sad, but true. That said, if you love a paricular look, there’s usually a way to adapt it so that it’s flattering for your figure. Suggestion: Make someone else do the work for you bu finding your body double. Look for someone – a celeb, fashion blogger, or stylish friend – who shares your basic body type and take note of her most flattering outfits. If you’re top heavy and looking for new jeans, see how like-bnodied ladies wear them when you’re out running errands. (Hint: Go for lower- or mid-rise jeans. High-waisted jeans will shorten your torso and make you look squat.) Or maybe you want to buy an of-the-moment dress, but aren’t sure if a particular silhouette would work on your petite frame. Simply check out your nody double and see what looks she’s worn lately.


Choose Your Go-To Pieces


basic classics

Once you’ve identified your general style and shape, it’s time to shop! Our advice is to invest in timeless everyday basics that really fit and flatter, then add personal flair by mixing in a few inexpensive, on-trend pieces. Think aout your lifestyle: if you’re a busy mom, focus on finding the perfect pair of blue jeans and a trench coat (timeless), then add of-the-moment personality with a print scarf (thrifty thrill). Are you always in the office? You need some gorgeous black pumps and a flawless blazer (timeless), plus a fun bag or clutch in the season’s key color (thrifty thrill).

Personal style = fashion inspiration + timeless everyday basics + thrifty thrills



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