Feeding America for the Holiday

Millions of Americans are struggling to put meals on the table this year. Through the Feeding America network of food banks and a generous gift from Tony Robbins, Your donation today can make twice the impact. Every dollar you give can help secure and deliver 22 meals.

For struggling families like Cynthia, who is working full-time to support a family of 5, and Stephen, who cannot work due to his declining health, that is nothing short of a holiday miracle. “I am so thankful for this community and the food pantry here. It brings us seasonal cheer and a sense of joy I will surely remember for many holidays to come” said Cynthia.

Without caring individuals like you, many families would find it difficult to feed their family this holiday season. You can help make the holidays special for families like Cynthia and Stephen by donating today to make twice the  impact.


Take Action!



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