Ban Use of Chimps in Research

By: Sue Lee

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and University of Louisiana System President Sandra Woodley are the targets of this particular petition.

The use of animals like the chimpanzee is an ongoing issue and we want to ensure these practices stop. Such is the case regarding the University of Louisiana’s Ms. Woodley concerning two special chimps, Hercules and Leo at the Stony Brook University on Long Island. They are under the jurisdiction of the Iberia Research Center in Louisiana.
The NHRP (Non-human Rights Project) is adamant in ensuring that animals like these, used in laboratory research, be rescued from such a life and placed in a healthy, reputable sanctuary. Chimpanzees Hercules and Leo deserve a much better life like that at the Save the Chimps sanctuary in South Florida. These poor animals have endured the abuse of experimentation for six long years and need to be saved from such unnatural conditions and abuse.
Let’s lend our support through the efforts of this petition in an effort to free these and all chimps currently being used in laboratory research and ensure they be rescued and moved to a healthy, reputable sanctuary.

You can join the approximate 6,500 others to help the efforts to save Leo and Hercules by signing here and sharing this petition.


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