Visualization Treat For Your Cells

Responsibilities,  obligations, deadlines… Oh my! If you’re anything like me, you have lists upon lists – mostly kept in my head – of “things” to do. Fun things, work things, house things, kid things.. I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on any one thing! And then, if we really wanted to, we could discuss all of the modern-day distractions technology brings (no thanks, still in denial).


With real-life being so very hardcore sometimes, we need to find healthy (maybe even productive) ways to reset ourselves. Whenever I’m feeling caught up in my own thoughts or feelings I move right toward meditation. It has become second nature for me to cure writer’s block, and even a bout of anxiety, this way.


While working an overnight shift when I was still studying for my Holistic Nutrition certs, I came across a passage in one of my required reading books. It was a 30 minute visualization practice to bring a sense of warmth and light to scare off the negativity and the darkness. Immediately I copied it into the notepad on my phone, and have re-read it so many times since then, that I could recite it to a room of skeptical doctors without fear.


This visualization practice has brought so much peace to me, that it wouldn’t be fair to keep it to myself. However, I cannot remember the author! If anyone knows, please comment below!

Here it is:

– Find a quiet place to relax where nothing will disturb you for 15-30 minutes. Sit comfortably or lie down and breathe gently for a few minutes, saying to yourself as you breathe in, “I breathe in healing, relaxing energy,” and as you breathe out, “I breathe out all tension tension, anxiety, negativity.”
Also try “every time I breathe out, I become twice as relaxed.”
After a few minutes like this, imagine you are floating along on a cloud of golden light, warm and safely enveloped. Begin to breathe in this healing light. As you breathe, feel warm, loving, golden energy filling your lungs. It begins to spread through your body, up into your head, neck, and shoulders, down into your arms and hands. It spreads down your back and into your belly. The warm golden healing light fills your pelvis and moves down your legs into your feet. Your whole body is full of warm, healing golden light.
Imagine the cells of your body, billion upon billion, each one filled with this healing golden glow. Imagine one of your cells, anywhere you like. See it, feel it, think it filled with a warm, healing light energy. The cell is expanding, relaxing, happy and joyful as it bathes in the healing light energy. Every cell in your body is celebrating, enjoying the warm and healing golden light.
Your cells know what to do; your body knows what to do. We are completely as we are supposed to be, and our bodies, minds, and spirits are equipped with wonderful healing mechanisms. Allow yourself to enjoy this knowledge, allow the warm golden light to spread its glow throughout your body, and throughout your mind and spirit. All is well.
Afterwards, gently bring your attention back into the place you are in, and resume your daily activities, knowing you are filled with light and your cells are singing with joy!



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  1. thanks so so much for sharing this!!! I love reading new visualization and meditation techniques, and every one of them has different treats hidden in them. I love when my cells are singing with joy, so thank you Maestro. May you continue to water more seeds of happiness, and Orchestrate happiness in the world. YOU are appreciated. 🙂 momentummikey


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