Make Space for Cloth Napkins!

As a whole, we are facing important issues such as climate change, air pollution, biological diversity, conservation, coral reefs, deforestation, desertificatin, a troubled ecosystem, more and more close to endangered species, the energy movement, environmental disasters, environmental health, food and water safety – the list is slightly larger.

We are each called to think global, but act local. Make waves in whichever way you have available to you – and have fun with it!

For a long time, I thought ALL paper was recyclable. I didn’t put much thought into what goes into the bin or the garbage. Remember these things – paper towels, napkins, tissue paper, wax paper, wapping paper, and any other paper that may have bodily fluids on it – are NOT recyclable!

Paper towels are typically always made from recycled paper. The paper fibers (very important!) get shorter each time they’re reused. Once the paper fibers become too short, they can’t be reused any more…and paper towels and napkins are the last stop in the recycling chain.

Eliminate paper towels and disposable napkins and replace them with reusable cloth napkins! For lowest impact on the environment, hand wash and hang to dry 🙂


I’m loving these cloth napkins from A Greener Kitchen, in Stornetta Blue. This company is really cool too! Their napkins are made from leftover material from their gorgeous aprons – talk about sustainable. They are making waves in the green living hemisphere and are finding ways to help others to live better. The printed fabrics they use is from fair trade, certified organic sources from one of USA’s few eco-friendly textile artisans!

eco friendly kitchen supplies

Now, this is not life altering or earth shattering idea – but it’s an easy way to save money and be a little more environmentally conscientious.


Featured img: Resources: Environmental Working Group (


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