Pescetarian Lifestyle 101

Just like anyone else I have my favorite dishes, including pasta, pizza and salsas. But I also like trying new recipes – I’ve been trolling Pinterest for years. I’ve found some of my favorite recipes this way!


A lot of times I find great dishes labeled Pescetarian or Vegan that look wonderful, but then the ingredients aren’t true vegan or pescetarian! I have to say, this happens mostly when I’m looking at vegan dishes… It’s so frustrating!


It seems that there’s confusion with the labels. Someone wants to provide a recipe they like, but misrepresent it to the public – maybe because they don’t understand the terminology.


Vegan eaters are sometimes referred to as strict vegetarians and stick to a plant-based diet. They refrain from consuming animal products, not only from meat but eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances like gelatin.


I’m somewhere in the middle. I stick to a mostly plant-based diet, while including fish. This is called Pescetarianism, or pesco-vegetarianism. Totally against animal-cruelty, when I do eat chicken, I make sure to buy farm-raised. I love eating pescetarian because of the many health benefits, like avoiding high saturated fat and cholesterol that comes from eating red meat.


Major vegetarian organizations, including The Vegetarian Society, do not recognize pescetarians as true vegetarians. The shared mindset of a pescetarian is that they can improve their health, the plight of land animals and the condition of our planet by refusing to consume meats other than seafood.


“On the other hand the overall meat consumption today is just so much higher than it used to be. We can either keep eating the amounts of meat that we do now, OR make meat production a more ethically sound process. It’s one or the other.” One Reddit user said.


According to Pescetarian Life, pescetarians may or may not eat dairy, like other types of vegetarians. This is a personal choice the individual makes based on their own opinion of the dairy system.


What a lot of people don’t realize is that over time your body’s unnatural craving for mammal and poultry meat disappears once they’ve transitioned to a pescetarian diet. A healthy body will actually get sick from beef, pork or chicken if eaten again after a period of time!  This is because land-animal flesh is filled with toxins, uric acid and fecal bacteria.  Natural carnivores have to cook meat in order to not get sick and then season it so it can taste good whereas pescetarians can eat raw (unseasoned).

The carnivore vs herbivore health debate is an ongoing one, but it is widely accepted that the health benefits of a pescetarian lifestyle are great.


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