Vegan Friendly Target Haul

So, listen, I think I’m not the only one here who will admit they have a little problem when it comes to shopping at Target. I usually drive out of my way to buy items here because they’re less expensive – however I end up leaving -$150. Because Target has EVERYTHING!

It’s funny thinking about it actually, how I try rationalizing trips to Target.

On my last Target haul, I picked up new linens and hand towels because this July we are MOVING! (I can hear my parents wine glasses clanking in cheers.)

Before I left, you know I had to check out the beauty aisle. There are many legitimate reasons I spend (most of) my paycheck at Target. They’re doing amazing things supporting eco-friendly and pure businesses. I’m sharing here 5 of my favorite items

Eco tools makeup brushes $5-$19 These synthetic taklon brushes are super soft and 100% cruelty free. This is the starter kit, but they have different complexion brushes, mattifying, fan, etc. If you haven’t yet, they are seriously worth a try.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap $16 So tingly and refreshing, this one is my fave! It’s mega versatile too, you can use it as soap, shampoo, cleaning etc.

Acure Argan Oil $12 I use this lightweight oil at night before bed because it’s rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and proteins to fight lines, plump and boost cell rejuvination.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub $9 I use this ALMOST every morning (because my face is always oily in the morning), it’s my favorite scrub! It’s loaded with organic sea kelp, organic chlorella growth factor and Argan stem cells.

Pacifica Power of Love Pallette $17.99 This Pallette includes 10 gorgeous and versatile shades, formulated without any animal ingredients or testing (including beeswax and lanolin).


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