5 Items for your Petit Vour Wishlist

I’ve recently subscribed for a monthly surprise from this amazing company, Petit Vour (pronounced PEH-TEE VOUR). Their mission is to bring two worlds together: luxury and cruelty free. I filled out a quick survey to cater the monthly box towards my interests and for $15 p/mo (cancel anytime) I get to try some of the best products!

Challenging as it may be to sift through the clutter of false labeling and misrepresentation, luxury vegan beauty does exist. It’s right here!

Since I’ve discovered Petit Vour, I’ve been obsessing over their beauty products. With a multitude of lip colors, eyeshadow shades, and skin care products, plus the relief of knowing you’re using safe products; shopping here is super enjoyable. They offer trial sizes too! Here are 5 of my favorites:

100% PURE Mattifying Primer $45

Initially, I thought the price for this was a little steep, but a little of this stuff goes a long way and it’s the purest ingredients. Great for my oily/combo skin, and it keeps my makeup looking fresh.

Christy Organics Trance $60

Narcotic Jasmine and sweet Bergamot will definitely send you to a forbidden garden! The floral scent definitely lingers, but it’s not too overpowering. 

Lina Hanson Satori Perfume Oil $10 (sample)

The sample size is perfect if you’re going to keep it in your purse for a quick refresh. It has an elegant and soultry scent. The essential oils used are to refresh the mind, enhance motivation and boost confidence. 

Gressa Lip Boost $29

For those days when you don’t want to fuss over lip gloss, but lip balm just isn’t cutting it either, try this in-between product. Feels like a balm, looks like a gloss and is made with healing carnauba wax, cacao butter and coconut oil. This shade is called Aux Rouge, but it comes in 8 different shades!

Lily Lolo Makeup Mist $19

Use this to set your make up and prolongs its hold, just be sure to shake the bottle before you use it and don’t use too much…a little goes a LONG way.


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