Wellness is a process to achieving optimal health


Health and wellness are two terms that I commonly see used interchangeably. If someone is healthy then they must be well. This is not the case!

In Western medicine, health is defined as the absence of disease. If someone has blood pressure less than 120/80 and generally good body composition, they probably appear healthy! But under the surface, due to poor nutrition, they may be drowning in emotional, mental, and even physical pain.

Holistic medicine looks at the whole person – mental and physical states of health. Wellness is the integration of body, mind, and soul: an awareness that the choices we make in one area affect all others. Wellness is a choice, a decision you make to move toward optimal health. To decide to be healthy, is to live a life of personal responsibility and accountability by taking proactive steps for your entire well-being.

Choosing to live well every day can be difficult with all of life’s temptations (greasy, cheesy pizza!), because it is always easier to do less and put forth less effort. But putting your best foot forward yields a balanced lifestyle by your design and allows you to achieve your highest potential for well-being – and that feels great!

Wellness is a process of understanding that there is no end point, but health and happiness are possible in each and every moment. Enjoy each day, living wholly and healthfully! If you’re ready to begin your journey, check out my services! Xo


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