Why You Should be Using Natural Sugar

For a true lover of all things sweet, sugar is the essence of heavenly taste.
It is one of the most consumed ingredients on the planet, so it’s quite obvious that we all do love our fair share of sugar.
But wait…
What’s the Harm in White Sugar?
According to the Centers for Disease Control, we should only consume 45 grams of sugar a day. However, survey showed that, on average, people in the U.S. consumed 765 grams of sugar every five days—that’s 153 grams of sugar per day.
While sugar may hit that sweet spot for us (figuratively speaking), it does not provide us with any nourishment. White refined granulated sugar is mad from added sugars such as sucrose and high fructose corn syrup. Because of this, the components of sweetness do not offer any essential nutrients and only burden our bodies with extra added calories.
Also, because of such a chemical base, sugar ends up damaging our liver, causes insulin resistance, hormone problems, weight gain, also giving way for cancerous tumors to grow.
Why is Natural Sugar the Winner?
Natural sugars such as demerara sugar, coconut palm sugar and many others are available for sale online. As an organic sweetener, these sugars are usually loved for their organic origins, natural taste and convenient pricing.
Because they are organically obtained, these sugars offer more nutrition and flavor without racking up the calories in your body. As such, many sweeteners including demerara and coconut palm sugar are regularly used for baking and cooking purposes all over the world.
Nutritional Elevation of Demerara Sugar
Demerara is a light brown sugar that is partially refined and produced from the first crystallization process where cane juice is processed into sugar crystals. Demerara sugar has a wonderful caramel like taste, and offers a crunchy, chewy texture that truly brings a level of complexity and depth to the flavor of different recipes, whether they’re cakes and cookies or a simple cup of tea.


Delightful Taste of Coconut Palm Sugar
Coconut sugar is obtained by tapping the coconut tree’s blossom for sap. Because this process prevents the tree from growing coconuts for the season, the sap then trickles down to syrup, which is then evaporated to form sugar.
Coconut palm sugar has a softer flavor than what you may expect from demerara sugar, although the flavor does have a hint of caramel and butterscotch to it. Less sweet than cane sugar, but more flavorful than others, the quantity of coconut sugar used in any recipe should be reduced by 25% so that the flavor doesn’t become overwhelming.

In any case, the best ingredient to use if you’re looking to make a healthy sweet snack is natural sugar that will give you as much nutrition as it would provide you with taste.
You may have heard me rant about Organic Merchants before, but if you haven’t, I’ll gladly do it again! These guys offer the purest, most natural stuff – including sugar. So if you want to have sugar for the best price, explore their selection of sweeteners, and stock your kitchen with sweet  – and healthy treats!


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