Holding Yourself Accountable to Your Goal #GoalSetterSeries

Welcome to the #GoalSetterSeries! This free series is intended to bring a bit of guidance and peace of mind to you. Developing new habits does take some time, and each day, for the next 10 days, I will give you some food-for-thought nuggets to start using TODAY!

I know so many young women (and men) who are in their late 20s-early 30s, done with college and settled in their “grown up jobs”, buying houses, having children – you know the “normal” thing that goes on here in America. Yet, they are describing themselves as unsatisfied and claim to be desperately looking for fulfillment in their lives.

Something is missing!

How many of us are REALLY good at our jobs? We always meet our deadlines, our patients or clients have only the kindest words to say when asked about us, and all of our friends are amazed at our home-work life balance. Everything looks “fine” on the outside, and it mostly IS just fine.

But still, something is missing.

Goals are the little (sometimes big) things that keep our fires burning. How many of us struggle with identifying, and mastering our goals? Having goals is kind of like that old saying about the act of learning – When you stop learning, that’s when you start dying. Well, when you STOP working towards things that you want in life, you kind of stop living. And it leaves a dull aching void right in your center. Sure, you continue the charade of your routine…but that sinking feeling or the restlessness at night you experience is a sign that you’re CRAVING more.


Mantra: I have the power to manifest whatever I want out of life, because the universe is on my side.


Holding Yourself Accountable In Making Your Goals Happen


It’s pretty lame but super easy to blame other people, or events, or other things when you fall short of reaching your goals or when you flat out lose the will to pursue them. You might have gone through this kind of frustration before, and you probably just can’t afford to look at yourself as someone to blame for the disappointment. Well, you can’t really deny the fact that you should hold yourself responsible whenever you arrive at that point in your life. But let’s try avoiding even falling deep into that pit, by following these tips:


Have the Right Mindset

This is one of the most important things to have when pursuing anything. You need to have the right mindset first before doing anything else in achieving your goal. You inevitably are whatever you think you are, and you will achieve only what you allow. A positive attitude will set your sail across the ocean you chose to travel upon. When drawbacks or frustration comes, you know where to stand if you have the right mindset. And with that, you will pursue your passion against all odds. Trust me.

Make Your Priority A Habit

Lucky for us, it takes literally 21 days to make a deed, a habit. If you have already listed your priorities or the things you need to do to get to your goals, and you find it difficult to do them — try your BEST to do it religiously for the next three weeks. It’s not only subscribing to an experiment, but it’s showing the universe you’re serious and is a fantastic way of disciplining yourself into following the path you want.

Learn More About Your Goal

Guys, how awesome would it be to THINK something into manifestation? Well, it IS possible…but there’s a little more to it. The learning doesn’t stop when the idea strikes. Take the time read! Or watch videos that are relevant to your goal. Chances are, you’re you do NOT have to reinvent the wheel. Set your intentions to give the universe a heads up that you’re ready to receive your goal. Absorb more about what you want to achieve so that you’ll be equipped once you get on top.

The process of pursuing your dream life with an abundance of joy will be a long one, of constant ups and downs. Remember: every situation is an assignment for you to grow through. So lean in, and grow! Don’t get held up on a seeming failure – because you can’t fail. You rock! Be patient with yourself and always go back to positive thinking. When all else fails, who else do you have to rely on? Uhhh…you! So start appreciating what you’ve achieved so far.



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