5 Things To Remember in Goal Setting #GoalSetterSeries

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

– Benjamin Franklin


Setting your goal is the most vital aspect for success. In whatever endeavor you undertake, be sure that your goal is clear. Generating ideas and concepts is mega important, but knowing how to achieve them is what matters more. Here are five things to remember in setting your goal:

Be Precise

Identify what your end-game is and make sure that you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Understanding this principle will serve as your drive and the reason why you want to do it (you’ll need this WHY when you’re losing faith!). It may take some time to develop the skill to eliminate irrelevant and unnecessary details when achieving your goal, but making your list will definitely help you become precise on what you really want to accomplish. Your list will most likely become shorter and clearer the more you work at it.

Be Ready

Plan every step that will lead to your goal. Start at your end-game, and work the steps backwards. Conducting a feasibility study or market research can be a good start. You need to gather all the data that may affect or influence your goal. You might also want to check if you have enough funds, manpower, resources, and skills before proceeding with setting your goal. Being ready can help you prepare for the possible risks and challenges you might be encountering while putting your plan into fruition. Cut off your access to the crap by only allowing like-minded, heart driven resources into your life.

Be Realistic

Sometimes life throws lemons right through the kitchen window. Once you’ve created your goal road map, the next step is to set short-term to medium-term goals. Trust me, this will make your life a lot more pleasant when life’s challenges (or lemons) do arise. Accomplishing goals requires a lot of hard work, and twice that amount of patience in order to get there. Set realistic and attainable goals. You’ll feel so awesome as you’re checking off things on your To-Do list!

Be Passionate

Nothing beats a person with a heart full of zeal in what he or she has committed to. There’s that incredible moment when you’re like “Screw it! I’m going for it!” and your passion trumps any doubt you’ve ever had. f you really love what you are doing, it doesn’t matter what situation you are in as long as you are working toward your goal. And the most amazing part is that the journey you take while goal-getting will be meaningful and fulfilling in its own enriching way.

Be Faithful

Is your fear greater than your faith in the unknown? What if I told you that just on the other side of your fear, is your freedom? Here, feed your fear with a Suck-It sandwich! Let go of your fears, and fight the urge to let them stop you, or cause you to jump from one goal to another. Accept that you will be tempted to give it up, find a new objective, or go in circles. Being aware of this will help you stick to your plan. Keep your frequency high and have faith that once you are in the habit of setting your intentions, your goals will be realized. If you feel like giving up, go back to number 1, and remind yourself WHY you decided to begin.


Your success is entirely in the palm of your hands. Care to begin now?




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