3 Things To Consider Before Diving Into Your Goals #GoalSetterSeries

P A S S I O N | P U R P O S E | D R I V E

What do you think of when you hear these words? Did you feel little-girly-giddy about the idea that came to you just now? Girl, I feel you. Everybody has had that familiar feeling – equated to having a sugar rush – once an idea worth following crosses their mind. But hold on for a quick second and let’s go over your goals first and look at these things to consider. Before you exhaust yourself on something, it’s good practice to re-evaluate and verify its worth.

Is It Realistic?

It may sound harsh to you but let’s face it, sometimes your ideas may be too weird or sound too improbable considering your current situation that it will most likely just stay as it is: an idea (goal) inside your head. Start with smaller goals for now that will eventually lead to that bigger aim. As what they say, a journey starts with the first step. Learning a new skill could be your goal first before actually getting to your real goal. Learn how to crawl first before you go sprinting.

What Are The Potential Problems That Might Prevent You From Achieving It?

There will always be problems along the way. My saying this to you is not to seek discouragement but to empower you and remind you that these things are normal. It would actually be very suspicious or alarming if you don’t have any. But before facing them, you can equip yourself and be ready for them by identifying them first. List down the possible drawbacks you might face or any of your competitors if you’re opening a new business. In that way, you won’t be sending yourself to the battle unarmed – and you have a rebuttal for your negative thoughts/doubts. Remember: Don’t Feed The Fear.

Have You Established Milestones to Review?

It’s a powerful thing for our self esteem to establish milestones that you’re able to review periodically. This way, you have a way of assessing how far you’ve gone since your day one of making your dreams happen. Like playing games, you’d brag to your friends as to what level you are on because you know how far you’ve come from where you’ve started. This is also a good way to motivate yourself, like you would if your best friend came to you with her head in the sand. Give yourself a good ‘ol pat on the back once in a while, it will surely boost your confidence.


Now, if you’ve reviewed all of these during your goal-setting and you can confidently say that your path in pursuit of your dreams is laid out, then go and make them happen! Do not let anything hold you back from fulfilling the picture you are seeing for your future. Dream big and be ready for anything that will come along the way! Oh! And lastly, reward yourself from time to time for everything you’ve already gone through – cause you rock!



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