What To Do After You Reach Your Goal #GoalSetterSeries

You will not be the same person after everything you’ve gone through. You will become wiser. But what will really happen next after your goal has been achieved? I know you may still need more time to let the thought sink in. It would later make sense when you realize that you have now bigger responsibilities to take care of and that achieving your goals is just too little of what you need to manage someday! Here are the things you need and can do after success:

Create an even bigger goal

All creatives get bored easily. I’ve read that it’s a sign of genius, so I don’t mind… And if you’ve been kicking ass reaching goals, you can always create a new one. Go out of your comfort zone and learn more about other things.

Fulfill Your Childhood Dream

If your goal had nothing to do with your childhood dream, now is the best chance to fulfill it. Since you will have more time, go back to your roots and look for your lost passion. It might be writing, singing, playing music or dancing. Everyone has a child’s dream within them and it’s about time to actually do it- and you’re friggin awesome, so why not?

Reconnect With Your Family and Friends

You may have stopped seeing or communicating with them because you’re too focused on your life. Now is the time to reconnect with your family and friends who have been waiting for you for a long time already. If you have broken relationships, call the person and fix it. Don’t let your success blind you.

Join a Community

Join a community with the same interest with you. You will be able to help newbies achieve their dreams – the universe loves this – just watch how fast your kindness is returned. Expect a lot of questions about how you did it – think, PASSION. Of all the people, you should know how they feel. You should know why an answer from someone successful is everything to them.


Lastly, be remember to stay humble after everything you’ve done. A true successful person would stay humble and even help others reach their dreams, too.



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