My Movie Night Style

I don’t go “out-out” all that often. When I say out, I mean to restaurants or the movies. I run the usual errands, work out, and as of lately, going on interviews. My favorite type of clothing is – and will always be – yoga pants with a long t-shirt, and maybe a bold lipstick!

Emma suggested dressing up tonight since it’s family movie night, so she’s already wearing her wedges and layered shirts, ready to hit the road. I can’t leave a girl hanging, so I decided to spruce up just a smidge too. We’re going to see Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 – very stoked!


I threw on my yoga pants, because you never know when it’s going to be yoga-time….I’m not kidding. I tossed on my FAVORITE dress, but scrunched it up a bit so it looks like a long shirt, with my leather jacket – cause it’s always cold in the theatre.


Normally I would wear this for errands or anything else, but I popped on some red lipstick to dress it up a little.



I’m actively working on bringing back the Puma side-laced sneaks btw so spread the word – I love these, circa 2005 lol


Now, I just have to find a purse big enough to carry all of our snacks!


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