5 Day Paleo Meal Plan

Meal planning is a fun and creative way to ensure that my wellness goals are met each week. I always notice that I feel groggy and super itchy when I stray from my whole-foods diet, so aside from maintaining my weight, it’s really important to me that I show up 100% for my family. Plus, meal planning helps me stay on-budget at the market,  which my husband loves!

The key to meal planning is NOT over-thinking it. Here’s what I’m eating this week:






5 Day Meal Plan

Breakfast (M/W/F) Seasonal omelette with whole grain toast


Breakfast (T/Th) Gluten-free protein pancakes with 1/2 banana

Snack (M/T/W/Th/F) Veggie shake with 1/2 banana


Lunch (M/W/F) Chickpea veggie soup

Lunch (T/Th) Hummus veggie wrap

Dinner (M/W/F) Whole grain spaghetti with veggies

Dinner (T/Th) Grilled salmon and asparagus


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