Beauty Obsessions for November

I believe that true beauty comes from the inside of us, and it’s super fun to allow our unique beauty to shine through our skin, eyes, lips, hair, nails….clothes, etc.! Because I believe in the therapeutic benefits of pampering and indulging….I love pampering myself, in the most sensible way.


I sample products each month for 2-3 weeks to see how practical or useful each item is. Changing up my beauty routine periodically allows me to experiment with new looks AND new products.


This month, my cruelty-free beauty choices are from Kani Botanicals, Shamanuti (a favorite of mine), Plant Apothecary, Osmia Organics, Shea Moisture and E.L.F. who, by the way, is now officially 100% vegan.


This month, I’ve incorporated these 6 luxurious products in my beauty routine — some I’ll continue using daily and others for when I need a little extra pampering 🙂
My 10-minute face is below!





Firstly, my new favorite product for achieving a fresh, dewy face. Kani Botanicals Moon Glow is a beautiful bouquet of organic ingredients. It compliments any skin tone and leaves behind a delightful feminine fragrance. It’s light and shimmery, perfect for highlighting or an all over dew.


This Rose Oil from Osmia Organics is light enough to wear under makeup, in addition to my usual moisturizer. You can usee this oil by adding 3-4 drops to your usual face cream or serum, and it’s wonderful! I’ve noticed that my skin has finally been able retain moisture throughout these dry fall/winter days.


I’m not a fan of washing my hair. It takes a lot of work and time to style my mane after showering. I’ll go as long as I can in between shampoos with the use of clever hairstyles, dry shampoo, and this hair perfume from Shea Moisture. 


The perfect pampering treat for the fall and winter seasons is this pumpkin masque from Shamanuti. It’s tingling enzyme effects and after-glow feel luxurious, and it increases the rate of cell renewal! This product is especially recommended for acne prone and combination skin types.


Since early September, I’ve been playing with red tones for my lips. Many I’ve tried, some I occasionally use, but Cranberry from E.L.F. takes the cake. It has been my go-to all November long. See you at Thanksgiving fam!


For an invigorating daily body wash, with a refreshing aromatic peppermint experience, I’ve been using this mil foamy loveliness from Plant Apothecary. Gentle and pure (uses 8 simple ingredients like geranium and peppermint oils), it’s definitely my favorite part of getting ready.

Voila! My 10-minute face 🙂



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