Winter Beauty Tips (pretty holistic)

These winter beauty tips are not JUST for looks. Our skin is actually the largest organ of the human body, and is the biggest line of defense against germs. If your skin is cracked and broken, it’s going to leave you vulnerable.

Let’s face it, winter is harsh on everything. With these winter beauty tips, you can save yourself some aggravation and agony and keep your hair and skin in prime form all winter long!

Increase Moisturizer!

You should be moisturizing daily, this helps avoid premature wrinkles. But now that winter is here, we have to bump up our moisturizing routine. Using a thicker moisturizer in the winter is a necessity. I’ll even use vaseline on dry spots. But I’ve gotten in the habit of moisturizing before getting dressed in the AM and before putting my pjs on at bedtime.

Avoid Extreme Temps

A scalding hot shower will dry your skin out beyond what an after-shower moisturizer can effectively help with. Plus, you need to be prepared for the cold weather outside: hats, scarf, gloves, boots, coat! Your skin will thank you for the protection.

Exfoliate Weekly

This is something you should be doing year round to maintain healthy skin. In the winter though, you want to be a little less abrasive, and follow up with a good moisturizer. Pinterest has tons of homemade exfoliant recipes you can try. I like using Himalayan sea salt and honey mixture. Here is the link to my fave homemade recipes.

Use a Gentle Cleanser

Anything heavy duty, like retinol, is going to dry out your skin even more which sabotages the results your after. Stick to micellar water, Aveeno, Ponds cold cream, or a natural face wash you like with few ingredients.

Switch to a Liquid/Cream Foundation

Powders and matte foundations will dry you out and make you look like a crusty corpse. Same goes for highlight, blush and bronzers. In the winter, you want to add moisure back into your skin every chance you get!

This is my favorite

Use Chapstick Regularly

Your lips are so busy during the day between talking, eating and drinking. They dry out! Nothing is worse than having a painful chapped spot to distract you from living your best life. Chapstick should be used preventativly, but if I’ve forgotten for a while and need repair, I grab my vaseline with added vitamin E and douse my pout.

O’Keeffe’s is one of my faves

Give Your Hair a Break

Add a deep conditioner to your routine, like coconut oil. Pick a night you’re staying in, slap it on and you can even use it as a face mask with some honey. Throw on a movie and let the oils work their magic.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s super important to hydrate from the inside out. Drink more water than you think you need.. aim for a gallon. Just do it—thank me later 😉

Liquid Collagen + Reservatrol

I’ll link the one I use here with a discount applied at checkout. This is a clinically proven supplement that stabilizes the collagen molecules and hydrates the body from the inside out. Plus, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties from reservatrol. I’ve been using for over a year now and have had such great results.

*Amazon affiliate links are used. I would never recommend something I don’t personally love.