5 Games Your Toddler will LOVE Available on Amazon

With everything going on across the world with the Covid 19 Coronavirus, we are spending a lot of time indoors to stay healthy. Many of us are out of work, and our kids are home from school.

The schools have sent home classwork for our big kids to keep them learning and busy. My daughter is really capitalizing on the extra free time – she’s looking at it like early spring break!

With the weather still preparing for full blown spring, and regular playgroups cancelled, our little ones may be getting just as stir crazy with all of this extra at-home time. Let’s face it, there’s only so much screen time, stories and toys anyone can tolerate in one day!

Here are some fantastic games for ages 20 months – 4 years old that you can purchase right from Amazon, without having to leave the house!

I’ve linked them all below:

If you try any of these games out, let me know how everyone enjoyed them! They are HUGE hits in our house. Xx

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