Smart Grocery Labels

Some food for thought —

“Low sugar” – Usually means there are fake sugars like Aspartame. Most artificial sweeteners are several times sweeter than traditional sugar. 

For example, Splenda is almost 600x as sweet as sugar. This can cause your taste buds to get used to overly sweet foods and make you MORE addicted to sweet foods.

“Low fat” – Usually means more fake ingredients, possibly more sugar, and much less satisfying…. Meaning you may end up eating more calories anyway!

“Organic” – Long story short… The U.S. Department of Agriculture allows the use of the USDA Organic seal on products that are 95% organic… meaning the other 5% of ingredients are questionable. 

Simple solution: Eat foods that ARE organic, not foods that HAVE organic ingredients. And if you can’t pronounce it — don’t eat it!

There are so many marketing strategies targeting us as repeat consumers. Shop smart, and don’t fall for the fluff!


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