End the Diet Hopping Days

Let’s Stop Diet Hopping🚫
And instead, create a lifestyle we don’t need a cheat day from🙌

Flashy diets, extreme fitness and weight loss shows, and the next best health contraption flash across our TV screens almost daily.

Here is the problem with “diets” and the latest fads to hit the media (such as intermittent fasting):

Most diets and meal plans are not meant to be long term.


And, unfortunately, when we try to follow a super specific program or rigid prescription, many things can – and do – go wrong.

✔️ You don’t stick to it like you are supposed to (because we are human and we have lives!)

✔️ You follow it perfectly (but it becomes too strict for too long)

✔️ You follow the plan for a while but don’t really enjoy it so it is not sustainable long term

We tend to want to believe we can sign up for a program or go on a diet and still eat whatever we want, even though we know that hasn’t worked in the past.

And then when it doesn’t work, we like to vilify the diet or program because we don’t want to ask ourselves the hard questions as to why we are not seeing the results that we want.

So we blame the diet when we don’t lose weight.

And then hop to the next diet.🤷‍♀️

If you are relying on a diet to provide you with the exact nutrition plan for your complex body and emotions and you don’t have any input into that decision-making, then you are relying on something external. That external reliance can actually disconnect you from the wisdom of your own mind and body.🙏

So, let’s stop jumping from diet to diet.

Let’s find what works for your unique body and is sustainable.

Ask yourself… “Could I eat this way next month? Next year?”

⚡It HAS to be sustainable or it won’t last.⚡

But most diets and meal plans are typically not sustainable long term.

And let’s be real for a second…

Changing how we eat is hard.

But if we want to make a lasting change, we need to stop blindly following the latest diets and start understanding our own unique bodies, how we feel about food, how food makes US feel, and which foods are actually beneficial to us

💥I am opening enrollment into my Healthy Life Holistic Approach to Wellness program this week where we deep dive into the human brain, body, spirit and nutrition 101. 💥

If you are interested in learning more, leave a “yes” in the comments or email me at prettyholisticmama@gmail.com and I will send you more details – also happy to hop on a 15-min call to answer any questions!


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