Keeping Momentum

Hii friends!
I was thinking about how this long weekend is a perfect opportunity to start tackling ALL. THE. THINGS. I took out my list, and got to work..

A lot of things only took me FIVE minutes of focused effort! 🤯 We all do this, and put things off.

Why is it so easy to talk ourselves out of doing the things WE want?? Of course it got me thinking big picture…

Most people don’t have enough time, or enough resources, or support.. and yet they still KEEP GOING. They do this because they care, have a goal, are called to be makers or movers so they do it by any means necessary..

The creative process is not always pretty — it’s flat out agony 😅 — and moving toward HUGE goals can feel totally impossible! KEEP GOING. The reward is on the other side.

I’ve had magic conversations with clients and friends today, and I am just so blown away by pure SPIRIT and GRIT.

If you feel you were called to do more, have big or small goals, or need goals!, I want to talk to you!!

Send me a message 💛

Let’s find what works for your unique body and is sustainable.


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