Natural Immune Support to Combat Flu and Covid


Welcome to flu season everyone. Only this year, we have COVID in the mix. As scary as this is, there are things we can do to help boost our immune systems to prevent illness.

*All of these tips should be accompanied by washing your hands.*

☆Get enough sleep — Sleep and the immune system are tied closely together. Aim for 7 hrs if you can, and listen to your body! It will tell you when you need more rest.

☆Exercise helps reduce inflammation and promote the turnover of immune cells

☆Limit added sugars— This decreases inflammation and risk for chronic illness

☆Eat more fermented foods (or take a probiotic supplement)—a flourishing network of gut bacteria can help your immune cells differentiate between healthy cells and harmful invader organisms

☆Stress and Anxiety Management— long term issues will create #inflammation and imbalances in immune cell function

When you start feeling under the weather, you can strengthen your body’s general immune response by supplementing with:

》Vitamin C
》Vitamin D

When shit hits the fan, I like using Theraflu teas

What are some things that you’re doing to stay healthy this season? Xx

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