Real ways to make money from home NOW! | HOW TO MAKE EXTRA CASH

These are things I personally do OR know highly successful people who do them to make thousands of dollars online from home. You may have to spend 2-3 hours to learn a new skill, but everything you need is available online and can be learned for free. This article is for educational purpose and no level of income is ever guaranteed. If you are willing to work hard and be consistent though, success is inevitable.

Sell Things (Used or Wholesale)

Platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, poshmark make this easy. I have a girlfriend who buys old furniture (sometimes free), repurposes it, then sells for a profit. You could also purchase items wholesale and resell for a larger profit margin.

Virtual Assistant

Depending on your strengths and level of organization, it is easy to take on at least 1 client for 1200-3000/m. There are plenty of influencers and business professionals accessible through Instagram who would be open to a pitch.


Freelance through Upwork or Fiverr

Both of these platforms allow for professionals to market their skills. Not sure of you have something to offer? Make a list of your talents, strengths, or interests. Check out both platforms to see if anyone else is doing something you’re also good at.

Monetize Social Media

We are all plugged into Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube — plug into an affiliate program that aligns and start sharing links to products you love. I use Modere, Amazon, and Like to Know it. Pro tip: People buy YOU, people buy SOLUTIONS, they don’t care so much about what you’re selling.

Edit TikToks or YouTube videos

Influencers and busy high level professionals who have an extension of their business online need the help. Create a pitch, and send away! $200/edit 15 videos that month = $3,000.

YouTube Videos

This usually takes between 6-12 months to make any real money from. Find your niche, study SEO, algorithms, keywords and show up consistently.

Baby Gear Rentals

This is especially successful if you live in a tourist area. Pro tip: Reach out to all of the Airbnbs in your area letting them know you provide this service. Offer an incentive for anyone who mentions their name.

Amazon FBA

This is a little more risky and requires a good chunk of cash up front. Do your research when picking a product! I recommend using Alibaba manufacturer or wholesaler.


Virtual Booking /Inventory

Depending on your strengths and background, you can easily take on multiple clients.

What are you doing to bring in extra cash?

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