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Around the age of 25, we our bodies begin changing because we start losing collagen and elastin no longer replenish it naturally. We start feeling the effects before seeing them. Aches, pains, skin issues, hair loss, GI issues etc. Mentally we begin to decline as well, unless you are in a habit of mindful activities. That’s life baby! Here are my very best tips for aging more than gracefully:

Daily Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. We use it for everything we do—exercise, walking, cleaning, digesting etc. It’s in our vascular system, skin, joints, ligaments, everywhere! It even makes up our eyeballs! After the age of 25 we stop making it but continue using it for everything we do. So we begin losing Collagen/ Hyaluronic Acid (aka wrinkle filler!) at an 8%-12% yearly rate. We must replace what we use with QUALITY supplement. This one is a 98% absorption rate (vs 18% of all powders and pills), it’s a type 2/HA matrix (not a blend, it’s a single source). Clinically proven to increase collagen/HA levels by 6,000% in 28 days. My link applies a $10 discount at checkout.

Invest in Skin Care Tools

There are so many incredible tools at our disposal to enhance skin tone, texture, boost collagen, keep pores clean, and more. Figure out what your skin goals are and try something you haven’t tried before! These are some IG accounts I love: HelloAva, ScienceBecomesHer, Saint Iris Wellness, Dr. Sam Ellis


Sleep on quality bedding

My Dermatologist friends only get in bed with silk or 100% cotton sheets. Eucalyptus sheets get you bonus points. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester or rough wool, can cause skin irritation and inflammation and aggravate conditions like eczema or rosacea etc. Silk sheets are luxurious and expensive. They help regulate the temperature in your bed and wick away moisture and humidity by 50%. But—it’s difficult to care for. We opted for just silk pillowcases for hair and skin benefits.

Use heavier face creams on the rest of your body

Some creams are just too much for a sensitive /combination face. Don’t let this stop you from purchasing though! Use instead on chest, elbows, knees, and butt. Start by using what you already have in the bathroom but aren’t using. I use Modere and Paula’s Choice for all of my skincare needs!

Try new workouts

How many times have you started a plan and lost the thrill of the new then totally fell out of it and quit? I know it’s not just me.. That’s why I love creating programs for busy women who are like myself. Keeping your workouts fresh will keep you on your toes. You’ll be excited to do them, too! Positive vibes and positive results.

Take supplements

If you think you can get all the vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, you’re wrong. This is a complex topic, and supplemental support varies from person to person. I recommend visiting a functional medicine Doctor for a full blood work up. They can guide you to specifics. I use a daily multi vitamin, collagen, MCT. Sometimes I need to add iron, B, C, D and Zinc.

Surround yourself with good energy

We are the sum of the 5 people we spend time with. We are what we do daily. Our mindset determines our outcome. Sound familiar? These are quotes from Tony Robbins that have been rebranded and plastered all over the internet. For good reason, because they’re all 100% true. We are all energy, and we’re hardwired to postive/negative attraction. If you listen to the energy around you, quickly you’ll be able to decipher the vibes. Remember another quote— people lie, vibes do not. Seek out positive vibes and experiences only. Don’t waste your time doing anything that’s low vibration or doesn’t add value or joy. Life is too dang short!

Do mentally stimulating activities daily

Shallow, empty blog posts. Mindlessly scrolling the social media sphere. Netflix marathons. STOP! PLEASE! For the love of all things personal growth and development, put yourself on a block schedule. Pencil in your reading, trivias, game nights, writing/drawing, etc. You can still have your “secret single behavior” or “guilty pleasures” but in moderation—and never before your brain work. I’ve made this a non-negotiable. CHALLENGE: Do it for 6 months and see how your life changes.

Never leave the house without sunscreen

Forever grateful for the sun shine, but it’s harmful rays do a ton of damage. Including irreversible damage. Wrinkles, broken capillaries, uneven skin tone and texture, pigmentation changes like liver spots, etc. I never leave the house without 30+ on at least my face.

Let me know if there’s anything you do to keep aging gracefully! I love trying new things 😉


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