How to Feel Good Naked |SELF CONFIDENCE

Unconditional love means seeing the flaws and choosing acceptance and progress. In order to feel your best naked and to truly connect to your body, changing your attitude will be much more influential than changing what you see in the mirror.

When you change the way you look at things, the things around you change.

We all go through insecurities, but it’s up to you to decide you’re going to love yourself wildly and unconditionally. It’s messy work, but very necessary. Luckily, you can start this healing journey today. Here are some tried and true tips:

Evaluate your standards

Do you expect more from yourself than you do from other people? Do you speak to your body the same way that you would speak to your best friend, or even a stranger? Know that most people have similar insecurities. They are likely to be thinking more about your opinion of them, afraid of you seeing their flaws than vice versa. Seriously!

Have a stand off

Step in front of a mirror and allow your feelings to flow as freely as possible without judgment. Write them down and examine both the positive and the negative. Negative feelings are often pushed down and ignored, which can make them even stronger. Challenge and consider the origin of the feelings. Are they valid, or can they be sourced from a past experience, such as bullying or an abusive relationship? Do they reflect how you feel now, or are you remembering the hurt you felt when someone criticized your appearance before? Just acknowledging your feelings and where they are coming from can be the start of lasting healing.

Take the compliment

Listen to the compliments you receive and really take them in. What you consider to be attractive isn’t necessarily what others find beautiful. Movies, ads, and magazines feature bodies of all shapes and sizes for a reason. Everyone has a different definition of what they consider sexy. If someone says you are beautiful, they are probably telling you the truth.

Connect with your physical self

Do something that makes you feel sexy and helps you connect you to your body. It might be belly dancing, pole fitness, or aerial arts. It might be yoga or interpretive dance. It could be a buti yoga, hot yoga, or other fitness class. These are not just activities for people with “perfect” bodies. I have found that when you are in that supportive, hardworking environment, the way your body looks will start to matter less and less.

Connect with your inner self

A surefire way to find lasting confidence and self-esteem is to connect to your intuition, which is our wise inner source of unconditional love, self-acceptance, and guidance. Most people think of it as just a way to receive warnings or premonitions, but it is much more than that. Through connection to intuition, we can find our supportive, non-judgmental voice that sees beyond our imperfections and helps us embrace our individuality and uniqueness. Examples of ways you can connect are journaling, meditation, and being in nature.

Most people set an intention of “one day” loving their bodies once the conditions are perfect. Please, don’t wait until you are a certain number on a scale or until you look a certain way. Criticizing yourself or hating your appearance just reinforces insecurity and negativity. You can start feeling your best naked by sending you and your body love right now!

Start today by catching yourself creating positive and negative thoughts, embracing the positive and releasing the negative. Being vulnerable can take work and the courage to change, but the lifetime of rewards ahead are definitely worth the effort! Sending so much love, xx

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