Fitness Focus: Sleeping Beauty

Before you even put your feet on the ground: 10 Heel Touches 10 Raised Leg Circles 12 Scissors 10 Knee Pull-ins 20 Flutter Kicks 10 Reverse Crunches Do 3-7 sets Works your: Lower abs Quads Upper abs Lateral abs Cardiovascular system

Fitness Focus: High Intensity Cardio

High Intensity Cardio ❤ 50 high knees, then drop down and push-up once 50 high knees, then drop down and plank-jump-in once 50 high knees, then droop down and plank with rotation 50 high knees, then drop down and plank jack once 50 high knees, then drop down and squat once 3-5 sets, 60 sec…

Fitness Focus: Improve Your Stamina

“Burpees are everyone’s favorite exercise.” Said no one ever. HAHA. But seriously. You’ll be so proud upon finishing! And if you’re as competitive as me, I know you’ll keep at it and quickly be on your way to improving your stamina.

Fitness Focus: The Squatter, by Neila Rey

The Squatter Round 1- 40 Squats / 20 Mountain Climbers Round 2- 60 Squats / 20 Planks w Rotation Round 3- 40 Squats / 10 Push-ups 3 rounds, up to 60 sec rest This is a fantastic routine I try to incorporate at least 2x per week. Tip For Squats: Remember to plant your feet,…

Fitness Focus: Ab-Work

10 Sit Ups 12 Flutter Kicks 8 Leg Raises 10 Cycling Crunches 10 Knee Crunches 8 Leg Pull-ins 10 Elbow Plank Arm Reaches 30 SEC Elbow Plank 10 Body Saw 4-6 Sets Up to 3 MIN rest time

Fitness Focus: Flat Abs

50 Jumping Jacks 20 Squats 40 Crunches 40 Leg Lifts 30 Jumping Jacks 20 Bicycle Crunches 40 Jumping Squats 30 Leg Lifts

Fitness Focus: The Core Challenge

The Core Challenge 50 Crunches 15 Push-ups 1 MIN Plank 30 SEC Side Plank (right side) 30 SEC Side Plank (left side) 1 MIN Plank 15 Pushups 50 Crunches