Pretty Holistic Healthy Life Guideline $75

☆ Healthy Life Guideline

☆ Bodyweight Workout Plan

☆ Homework Exercises

☆ Meal Plan from Registered Dietician

☆ 7 Day Lifestyle Detox

☆ Meditation Guide

☆ Intuitive Eating Basics

☆ Habits, hacks, mindset, and more!

This program was designed to help adults with hectic lifestyles shift onto the path to less stress so they can develope long-term habits that allow them to navigate whatever arises in the future and learn to flow with the ups and downs of life.

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Workout + Nutrition Bundle $29

30 day nutrition guideline and workout plan. This tool supports the motivated person who needs a little more support.

Fully at home workouts and realistic meal plan. (Meal plan includes recipes, shopping lists, and food journal.)

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