DIY Natural Lip Balm | STYLE & HOME

This DIY natural lip balm only has 3 natural and pure ingredients (excluding the essential oil and tint if you add it – that makes it 5 ingredients). It’s silky, nourishing and moisturizing for your lips after you’ve used the lip scrub. I’ve been on a DIY-binge lately, I mean why the heck not? It’s a great…

DIY All Natural Teeth Whitener

All Natural Teeth Whitening Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cup coconut oil1 tablespoon organic ground turmeric1 teaspoon baking soda INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Add all ingredients to a small glass jar and mix until combined well.2. Brush your teeth as you normally would with toothpaste.3. After, use a separate toothbrush (because we all know how turmeric can stain), and scoop out some of the mixture onto…

A Face Scrub for Every Day

Some face scrubs make my skin dried out like a corpse! This one leaves my skin so smooth and made from all natural ingredients!

DIY Skin and Hair Care Products

One way to offset some of the higher-priced products in your bathroom cabinets is by figuring out which kinds of products you don’t have to buy–because you can make them yourself right in your own kitchen. Here are a few recipes!