At Home Workout | HIIT

3 Reasons You Won’t Make Size Gains

If you, like me, have a goal of increasing your body mass, then your focus is on a combination of a high calorie-high protein diet, and an isolated strength training regimen. “If you want to build your body, you’re going to have to train like a body builder” …without using ‘hitting failure’ as any type…

Bender Boot Camp: Interval Style

It’s a beautiful day! I hope that today, you are taking good care of yourself, and that little voice inside of you (I like to call mine “The Nag”) is being kind and patient—because today, I want to challenge you to try a HIIT workout with me… Today’s workout comes from Melissa Bender’s bikini competition…

Fitness Focus: CrossFit Circuit Workout

Burn and Firm – Circuit Workout “In 20 mins you incinerate major calories and fat, plus you boost every facet of fitness, such as strength, balance, endurance, and speed.” Says Megan May, the head trainer for Reebok CrossFit on 5th Ave NYC. “You’ll really notice the change you’re working so hard for – and fast.”

Fitness Focus: Shake Things Up – No Equipment

10/10 Duck Walk (20 steps forward, 20 steps back) 10 Frog Hops 10 V-Ups 10 Reverse Crunches 20 Donkey Kicks 3 – 7 sets Tip from the Coach: For maximum effectiveness when doing the duck walk void coming up a little and then going down again. Keep upper body upright, work your legs beneath you.

Fitness Focus: CrossFit – No Equipment

warm up 2 min jump rope/jog 15 sec Samson stretch 15 sec waiters bow 15 arm circles forward/backward 10 stationary butt-kicks each leg workout 25 squats 5 push-ups 20 squats 10 push-ups 15 squats 15 push-ups 10 squats 20 push-ups 5 squats 25 push-ups

Fitness Focus: No Equipment Workout

50-100 Crunches 30 Squats 2 x 25 Bicycle Kicks 30 Lunges 2 x 20 Side Crunches 10 Burpees 50 Reverse Crunches 2 x 20 Mason Twists 30 Scissor Kicks Tip From Coach: Keep your form. You should feel your muscles working…if you don’t feel a burn, you’re not doing it right.