Keeping Momentum

Hii friends!I was thinking about how this long weekend is a perfect opportunity to start tackling ALL. THE. THINGS. I took out my list, and got to work.. A lot of things only took me FIVE minutes of focused effort! 🤯 We all do this, and put things off. Why is it so easy to…

My Roadmap to Happy

I’ve made these simple changes and they’ve in turn made HUGE waves in my life, experiencing happiness and fulfillment daily.

10 Training Tips for Athletes

A few things to keep in mind (10, to be exact): 1. Match your Abilities and Interests. You have to enjoy your training program in order to stick with it. Find a workout plan that caters towards your goals. 2. Simplify. Training is largely about consistency and focus. If keeping track of your heart rates,…

Fitness Focus: Ab-Work

10 Sit Ups 12 Flutter Kicks 8 Leg Raises 10 Cycling Crunches 10 Knee Crunches 8 Leg Pull-ins 10 Elbow Plank Arm Reaches 30 SEC Elbow Plank 10 Body Saw 4-6 Sets Up to 3 MIN rest time

Fitness Focus: Glutes

– Sumo Squat 4×15 – Walking Lunges 4×15 – Donkey Kicks 4×15 – Elevated Lunges 4×15 * Focus on proper form: allow your knees to follow feet * Consciously squeeze glutes during each exercise