The Ultimate Kids Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

Shopping for the holidays is a crazy time, especially if you’re anything like me who decides to wait until the last 6 weeks before Christmas..
Identifying what everyone in your life could use is a challenge! “Did she like this, or was that me who wanted the essential oils kit with the bracelet and steaming pod?” Let’s see, there’s YOUR family, HIS family, friends, nieces and nephews, your boss, his boss, coworkers…. am I forgetting anyone?
I made a long list, then budgeted each week the least amount I would have to spend to have ALL of my shopping done by December 19th. I have to say, although not recommended, it’s working well!


On the topic of children’s gifts, I have some solid insight. I sat down with Emma, which started out as a clever way to get more shopping ideas (she knows about Santa this year, by the way). She picked out lots of great toys, for boys and girls, and we picked some out together…we had A TON of fun!


With help from my sidekick, I’ve put together a list of 50 holiday gift ideas. *The games and toys on my list are for ages 8-13…with the exception of one or two because they are so darn perfect for the littles in my family 😉

View my guide on Amazon HERE!





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