Things You Can Do to Get Shiny Hair

When I see shiny locks, I immediately think – health and beauty.

Shine comes from the hair being smooth and free from any kind of breakage. So, generally, people who have shiny hair have a very healthy diet. It’s the fundamental factor of great hair and skin!

Our hair is made of protein, so it’s important to consume high-quality sources of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils as the building blocks of healthy hair. Adding a daily dose of collagen helps build hair protein itselfhere is the best collagen on the market.

Incorporating iron in your diet will ensure that oxygen and nutrients can travel through the blood supply into the scalp. Iron can be found in leafy green veggies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Vitamin C is another key to shiny hair, as foods like blueberries, broccoli, oranges, papaya, and sweet potatoes help the body absorb iron.

Having a good shampoo and conditioner routine is a close second to diet. It’s important to find out how long you can go without shampooing your locks (the longer, the better). Over-washing will leave your hair looking dull. So, if you have to shower sooner, avoid washing your hair if/when you can.

Using the right hair products in your hair care routine will give you that extra oomph you’re looking for.

I like using a hair mask at least once a month consisting of either olive oil or coconut oil mixed with honey and lemon juice (which is naturally anti-bacterial).

After blow drying, I make sure to give my hair a burst of cold air from the hair dryer, and I follow up with a smoothing cream for a super smooth, glossy finish (I use this cream even when I let my hair air-dry).

Tip- styling products that boast extra volume or hold will actually visibly dull your hair. Avoid when possible!

If you have any hair care products you LOVE, share them below in the comments!



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