A Face Scrub for Every Day

I heard it’s a good idea to switch shampoos every so often, so that your hair doesn’t get “bored.” I think the saying is more true for the person as the subject. I tend to switch up all of my products every so often, because I get BORED with the results!

Some days I want sleek and sexy hair, but other days I want crazy beach curls. This philosophy breathes true in all aspects of my personal care routine. So let me get to it – I’ve been using a great face scrub lately!

Some face and body scrubs leave my skin SO DRY. This one, from Ellovi doesn’t! It uses only 6 ingredients: Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, French Clay, Marula Oil & Mango Butter.

This is the latest launch by Ellovi -and if you’re familiar with them, it’s just as delicius as you would expect. It’s available in 5 transformative scents: Blossom, Ginger Lemon, Jasmine Rose, Original and Mint Chocolate!

Have any of you tried this stuff yet? What do you think!


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